Nano Bubble Generator

The fine bubble generator can produce trillions of microscopic super fine gas bubbles. This is achieved by utilizing the most efficient aeration technology to transfer almost any type of gas into any type of liquid or wastewater.

The system produces nano bubbles ~100nm (nanometers) in size, providing more than 200-times the interfacial surface area of conventional ultra-fine micro bubbles. The system allows for the transfer of gas with greater than 90% efficiency. This provides maximum utilization potential, improving the functionality of water, and enhancing wastewater treatment processes. The generated nano bubbles remain in suspension after saturation, creating a reserve of available gas in the liquid.

Our super fine bubble generator is unique from all other aeration devices because of its ability to generate bubbles, consistently, of the desired size with no coarse air bubbles. Once introduced into a DAF clarifier tank, the bubbles rise to the surface at the rate of approximately 8-12 inches per minute, creating a thick float on the water's surface. Request a Quote

Nano size Bubble Generator

Models Available

Specification Model 25 Model 50 Model 100 Model 200
Flow Rate, gpm (m3/h) 25 (6) 50 (11) 100 (23) 200 (45)
O2 Injection Rate, grams / hour 325 650 1300 2600
Minimum Discharge Pressure 13 PSIG 13 PSIG 13 PSIG 13 PSIG
Maximum Discharge Pressure 22 PSIG 22 PSIG 22 PSIG 22 PSIG
Temperature - PVC Block 41 - 140o F (5 - 60o C)
Temperature - SS Block 36 - 210o F (0 - 99o C)
Solids Up to 3/8 solids, strainer recommended
Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency  (SOTE) > 90%
Air Flow Rate 2.5 CFH 2.5 CFH5 CFH 10 CFH 20 CFH
Minimum Pressure 100 PSI
Air Quality ISO 8573 - 1:2010 Class 1.4.1
Pump Model Goulds, NPO, TEFC
Wetted Parts Buna/316 SS/Viton
Pump Voltage 115/230 V 115/230 V 230/460V 230/460V
Pump Motor, HP (KW) 1.5 (1.12) 2 (1.48) 3 (2.24) 5 (3.73)
Starter Onboard NEMA 4X
Inlet: Inch 1.25" FNPT 1.25" FNPT 2" FNPT 2" FNPT
Discharge: Inch 1" FNPT 1" FNPT 1.5" FNPT 2.5" FNPT
Air 0.25" Industrial 0.25" Industrial 0.25" Industrial 0.25" Industrial
Height, Inches (cm) 18 (46) 18 (46) 18 (46) 18 (46)
Width, Inches (cm) 22 (56) 22 (56) 28.5 (72) 28.5 (72)
Depth, Inches (cm) 19 (48) 19 (48) 19 (48) 19 (48)
Shipping Weight Estimate, lbs (kg) 85 (38.6) 90 (40.9) 120 (54.5) 150 (68.2)

The Process Explained

All particles have a "surface charge" when present in water. Just like "surface area", it is a fundamental parameter that directly impacts the performance characteristics of any suspension, such as surface chemical activity. Surface charge effects are normally negligible for massive solids, but they become dominant in the description of colloidal behavior.

Illustration showing effect of super fine bubbles in DAF process

Air bubbles in water are negatively charged. The high concentration of negatively-charged paramagnetic nano bubbles created by our super fine bubble generator has two effects on particles suspended in water:

  1. It alters the ionic equilibria of any dissolved ionic species in a solution
  2. It changes the net charge on a particle surface. Both directly impact the stability of the particle suspension

This substantial increase in the interface between air and water provides a much greater contact area for better chemical mixing. It impacts the efficiency of chemical reactions with any dissolved or suspended components in the water and enhances aerobic bacterial activity.


  • Plug and play
  • > 90% standard oxygen transfer efficiency
  • ~ 100nm in size
  • Smallest size bubbles creating 200x the interfacial surface area compared to micro bubbles
  • Highest concentration of bubbles per cm3 ( >100M bubbles/cm3 )
  • Nano bubbles stay suspended in water after solution reaches saturation
  • Adjustable air to water ratios
  • Increases water's capacity to hold a given gas
  • Low-turbulent gas diffusion
  • Reduces the density of water, therefore reducing friction
  • No moving parts
  • Self cleaning
  • Durable operaton


  • Reduces process time by 50%
  • Improves flotation and float mat in any type of cell
  • Improves TSS removal efficiencies
  • Space saving – eliminates large size dissolving tanks
  • Reduces city sewer surcharge and chemical costs
  • 20x more efficient transfer of gas
  • Extremely compact size can be mounted on existing piping
  • Eliminates troublesome piping connections


  • Wastewater treatment
  • DAF / Clarifier / MBR / MBBR
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Sterilization