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AS+ Activated Sludge System

Ecologix’s AS+ Biological Treatment System is engineered to exceed the recommended microbiological and chemical quality guidelines. Ideally suited for developing countries, the engineered concrete design lowers cost by allowing local construction resources to build-out the foundation, eliminating the cost of shipping prefabricated steel.

AS+ process Diagram

AS Plus Biological Treatment

System Overview

In a single tank, zone separating partitions allow cascading flow between compartments, minimizing mechanical pumping. The AS+ employs root-type trilobe blowers which use fine bubble diffusers with modular, liftable air grids, facilitating system maintenance. Ecologix’s AS+ is a reliable, high performance clarifier with unique internal construction and tank geometry that minimizes polymer usage while maximizing effluent efficiencies.


  • Partitioned Clarifier
  • Aeration Blowers and Diffusers
  • Integrated controls
  • Efficient TSS, soluble organics and nutrient removal
  • Reduced WAS production rate
  • Cascading flow minimizes pumping costs
  • Excellent oxygen transfer

AS+ System Specifications
Model PASS (Progressive Activated Sludge System)
Model Sewage
Capacity (GPD)
Basin Capacity Basin Internal
Size at 23 ft (7m) Depth
Clarifier Internal
PASS-25 25,000 13,000 gal
21'L x 41'W 40'
PASS-50 50,000 26,000 gal
31'L x 53'W 52'
PASS-100 10,0000 53,000 gal
44'L x 75'W 74'
PASS-150 150,000 79,000 gal
53'L x 92'W 91'
PASS-200 200,000 106,000 gal
61'L x 106'W 105'
PASS-250 250,000 132,000 gal
69'L x 118'W 117'
PASS-300 300,000 159,000 gal
75'L x 129'W 128'
PASS-400 400,000 211,000 gal
87'L x 149'W 148'
PASS-500 500,000 264,000 gal
97'L x 167'W 166'
AS+ BNR System Specifications
Model PASS-BNR (Progressive Activated Sludge System - Biological Nutrient Removal)
PASS-BNR-25 25,000 18,000 gal
29'L x 41'W 40'
PASS-BNR-50 50,000 37,000 gal
43'L x 53'W 52'
PASS-BNR-100 100,000 74,000 gal
61'L x 75'W 74'
PASS-BNR-150 150,000 111,000 gal
74'L x 92'W 91'
PASS-BNR-200 200,000 148,000 gal
86'L x 106'W 105'
PASS-BNR-250 250,000 185,000 gal
96'L x 118'W 117'
PASS-BNR-300 300,000 222,000 gal
105'L x 129'W 128'
PASS-BNR-400 400,000 296,000 gal
121'L x 149'W 148'
PASS-BNR-500 500,000 370,000 gal
135'L x 167'W 166'