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The EcoPure Two series of generators takes the traditional 2-chem generation method to a new level. Utilizing 25% hydrochloric acid and 31% sodium chlorite, the EcoPure Two generators are able to realize conversion rates that far exceed competing lines that are only capable of converting lower concentration pre-cursors. This is one of our most affordable generators available in an open frame configuration or a fully enclosed cabinet. With few moving parts, the the EcoPure Two features low maintenance cost and reliable operation. The system has multiple safety interlocks and controls that allow the user to accurately maintain chem. Feed ratios for optimal efficiency. The system is available with a batch tank and smart pumps that accept external control signals for flow pacing or residual control. With a relatively small footprint, the EcoPure Two is ideal for affordable and safe ClO2 generation from < 1 lb/day to > 1,500 lbs/day.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable, efficient system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Monitoring and control capabilities
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Enhanced chemical feed control to maximize efficiency and safety
  • Broad adjustable production range (< 1 lb to > 1,500 lbs per day)

Reaction Chemistry

5NaClO2 + 4HCI → 4ClO2 + 5NaCl + 2H2O

EcoPure Two Generator Specifications
Capacity 0-20 lbs/day (Low Output) 20 - 4000 lbs /day (High Output)
Chemical Usage Purecide E (31% NaClO2) ~6.2lb/lb ClO2 25% HCl ~8.1lb/lb ClO2
Electrical Power 220VAC 1ph 20A service (30A for 1000lb/day or greater)
Inlet Water 80 mesh filtered water 5gpm at 100psig (regulated)
Co-Products Salt (NaCl), Excess Acid (HCl), Chlorate (NaClO3)
Controls AB programmable relay with: Remote I/O for Start/Stop and monitoring, Timers
Cabinet Fiber glass/PVC Skid Standard, White Polypropylene enclosure optional
Weight 300lbs – 500lbs

Process Flow Diagram