DAF Pre Filter System

Our pre filtration system is the ideal solution for pre-treatment of TSS/BOD in the food and beverage industry wastewater. Fine solids can very efficiently be removed prior to treatment by our Enhanced DAF treatment system. Our next generation automatic, self cleaning filters can overcome the issue present in many food processing plants. Food and beverage plants typically have very high levels of TSS and FOG. Pre-treating these high levels is possible but has historically been limited by requirements for large space and high cost. We have solved both issues with this system.


Our automated pre filter system consists of a metal filter screen and a spiral shaped scraper which continuously cleans the screen without the need for backwash or crossflow. This is achieved by the system automatically cleaning itself over 500 times every minute.  Automatic self-cleaning water filter designed for ultra-high and variable TSS of up to 25,000 ppm.

Process Explained

The system operates on the core principles of a mechanical filter. During normal operation solids are collected at the bottom of the housing, away from the filter, while filtered water flows continuously through the outlet. An automatic purge valve opens and ejects the concentrated solids with a minimal amount of water loss. TSS and BOD are reduced without the introduction of any chemicals or additional pollutants. Collected solids are concentrated to a sludge that can be further dewatered as desired.

Key Features

  • Self cleaning / no backwash cycles required
  • TSS and BOD reduction without chemicals
  • Small footprint / cost effective
  • Capable of filtering wastewater with ultra high TSS up to 25,000 ppm


Model T-1000
Dimensions 40" (L) , 44" (W) , 83" (H)
Materials 304SS - Housing body and drive train internals
Powder coated carbon steel filter frame
Brass and bronze internal filter hardware
Screen Sizes 15, 25, 50, 100 microns
Power Consumption 3HP, 3Ø, 230VAC, 1800 RPM, TEFC, 182TC Frame
Controls Allen Bradley PLC
Model T-1000 Pre Filter System Quad