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Dewatering Hopper

Sludge Dewatering Hopper Separator

Sometimes sludge dewatering through mechanical means can get expensive. In cases where budget restraints require sludge management on the cheap, a gravity phase separator is a great option.

System Overview

Self-dumping gravity separators are pre-lined with a durable, filter mesh. The mesh sits off the walls to allow for water to pass through it and to the bottom of the hopper. Two 2" drains allow water to flow out of the unit, while the solid materials remain trapped in the vessel.

As needed, the unit can be picked up with a forklift to dump solids into another holding container. Units are sized from 1 - 5 cubic yards.


  • 3/16" thick plate body
  • 5/16" thick base
  • Blasted, primed, and painted with 2-part epoxy + topcoat paint
  • Polyester satin weave filter mesh
  • Two 2" drain ports
  • Self-dumping latch release
  • Up to 30% dry solids
  • Sized from 1-5 cu. yd.
Phase Separator Dewatering Box