ECO Anaerobic Treatment System

ECO Anaerobic Treatment System is designed for anaerobic treatment of small volumes of industrial wastewater. The unique settling system of the reactor allows the system to handle large variations and different concentrations of wastewater.


  • Able to treat up to 20 kg COD/m3/day
  • COD range of 300 – 2,000 mg/l
  • Suitable for loads from 300 kg up to 2.000 kg COD/day
  • Congestion-free influent system
  • Durable PE or GRP Tank
  • Unique settling system

Features / Functionality

  • Influent and circulated effluent are mixed together to optimize the concentration of COD.This plug and play installation is fully prefabricated.
  • Ecologix ECO system receives its influent at the optimal concentration by mixing influent with circulated effluent.
  • The influent up-flow speed can be adjusted per your facility’s requirements.
  • The influent nozzles/lines can be controlled individually and are free of congestion.
  • The reactor and its recirculation pipe are fully gas-tight eliminating all odor issues.
  • The produced biogas is collected in the headspace of the reactor and is connected to your facility’s gas system (if desired).
  • The 3-phase modular settling system is specially designed for higher water flows. The reactor separates sludge, water and biogas.
Eco Smaller Anaerobic Reactor

Available Models

Model Diameter (m) Diameter (ft) Height (m) Height (ft) Load COD (kg/day) lb/day Biogas (m3/day) ft3/day
ECO-3008 3.0 9.8 8 26.25 800 1764 11 388
ECO-3010 3.0 9.8 10 32.8 1,000 2205 14 494
ECO-3510 3.5 11.5 10 32.8 1,500 3307 22 777
ECO-4010 4.0 13.1 10 32.8 2,000 4410 30 1060
ECO Anaerobic Treatment System Top View
ECO Anaerobic Treatment System Top View
ECO Anaerobic Treatment System Technical Drawing
ECO Anaerobic Treatment System Technical Drawing