Water and Sewage Treatment for Municipalities

Whether it’s staying in compliance with the latest regulations, achieving targeted nutrient removal, building a new energy efficient plant or simply expanding your existing one, Ecologix understands that your municipality’s needs are unique and of the highest priority. We offer a large array of custom technologies and services for water and sewage treatment to ensure flexible, cost-effective treatment solutions specific to your project needs.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems

At Ecologix, we've engineered unique solutions for a variety of municipal applications. For small, rural, or migratory communities we've designed our Zeo-Clear and Bio-Clear package treatment systems. Both are pre-fabricated, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and ready for installation upon delivery. For larger municipal applications where hundreds of thousands or millions of gallons need to be processed on a daily basis, our Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) systems are the perfect fit. Unlike traditional wastewater treatment plant installations made of an extended series of concrete pits, the bolted-steel tanks of the IBR stand above ground, delivering big cost savings in civil planning and construction.

Zeo-Clear packaged treatment plant
Bio-Clear wastewater treatment plant
IBR municipal wastewater treatment system