ECO Anaerobic Treatment System

Our IR Anaerobic Treatment System is designed for anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. The two stage settling system enables high COD loads and facilitates optimal biological conditions. It features an internal and external recirculation.


  • Able to treat up to 40 kg COD/m3/day
  • COD range of 1,000-50,000 mg/l
  • Suitable for loads from 4,500 kg COD/day
  • Congestion-free influent system
  • Available in AISI 304/316, concrete and steel

Features / Functionality

  • Due to an internal and external recirculation the up-flow speed can be adapted your requirements.
  • Influent is fed into the reactor through a specially designed dilution/mixing chamber to avoid overloading the anaerobic granules.
  • The newly designed influent system results in a better distribution and is easy to flush.
  • IR system is an open-top system making it easy to maintain.
  • The biogas is collected in the two-stage settling system.
  • A double settler system is introduced to create an internal recirculation flow for high loading rates.
  • The section between the upper and the lower settler is used for polishing the influent to the requested effluent values.
  • The settlers are optimally designed for the separation of sludge/biogas and the treated wastewater.
Anaerobic IR Reactor
Anaerobic IR Reactor Two factor

Available Models

Model Diameter (m) Height (m) Load (kg COD/day) Biogas (m3/day)
IR-3020 3.0 20 4,200 60
IR-4024 4.0 24 9,000 130
IR-5024 5.0 24 14,000 210
IR-6524 6.5 24 24,000 350
IR-8024 8.0 24 36,000 500
IR-9524 9.5 24 51,000 760