MCM OrganoClay Cartridge Filters

MCM OrganoClay Cartridge Filters are engineered for the removal of dispersed, emulsified and dissolved hydrocarbons from aqueous solutions. The filters are exclusively made using a powdered MCM OrganoClay oil absorbent media. Radial flow cartridges are designed for plug and play application in commercially available filter housings. The filters are offered in a variety of DOE and SOE endcap configurations. Tests have shown MCM cartridges to be more efficient (% oil removal) and more absorbent than competitive oil removal filter cartridge technologies. Request a Quote

ApplicationsMCM Organoclay Cartridges

  • Commercial Bilge & Ballast Water
  • Oilfield Produced Water
  • Pipeline Maintenance Activities
  • Tank Farm Runoff Water
  • Parking, Airport & Railcar Wash Water
  • Machining Fluid Tramp Oil Removal
  • Parts Washing & Plating Baths
  • Compressor Condensates
  • Boiler Blowdown
  • RO Membrane Pre-treatment
  • GAC Filter Pre-treatment


Part Number English Size (in) ID x ID x L Metric Size (mm) ID x ID x L Max Flow Rate Max Oil Capacity (g) Fluid Volume Treated @ 25ppm Oil Content
MCM-2510-xyz 2.625 x 1.063 x 9.875 67 x 37 x 248 1 gpm (227 l/h) 300 3,170 gal (12,000 L)
MCM-2520-xyz 2.625 x 1.063 x 20.00 67 x 37 x 508 2 gpm (454 l/h) 600 6,340 gal (24,000 L)
MCM-2530-xyz 2.625 x 1.063 x 30.00 67 x 37 x 762 3 gpm (681 l/h) 900 9,510 gal (36,000 L)
MCM-2540-xyz 2.625 x 1.063 x 40.00 67 x 37 x 1016 4 gpm (908 l/h) 1200 12,680 gal (48,000 L)

Operation and Storage

MCM OrganoClay Cartridges are not intended for solids filtration, and 5-micron (nominal pre-filters should be used. The filters may be applied in liquid processes having temperatures of up to 175F (80C) and pH 4-11. The filters can be safely stored at temperatures from 5 to 180F (-15 to 82C) and have a shelf life of at least one year.