Primary Wastewater Treatment (Physical/Chemical Solids Separation)

Primary treatment involves the physical separation of suspended solids in the form of fat, oil, grease, and other biological pollutants leading to the reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) from a waste stream. Ecologix offers a unique line up of primary treatment products suitable for any industry or environment. Our cutting-edge technologies and vast experience ensure you receive the solution that best suits your project needs.

Dissolved Air Flotation System - DAF

DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Systems (moderate - high wastewater volumes)

DAF systems are great for processes where contaminants in wastewater tend to float or remain in suspension, like fat, oil, grease, blood and other organics. Dissolved Air Flotation is best suited for food related applications.

The VLT series DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) system is arguably one of the best DAF systems on the market. The VLT is defined by its smaller footprint, lower cost for a given flow rate and extremely high efficiency. TSS and FOG removal rates up to 99% can be attained. Easy to operate and maintain.

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AIR Charged Entrainment (ACE) System

ACE (AIR Charged Entrainment) (low - moderate wastewater volumes)

Unlike a tradition Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) the Air Charged Entrainment (ACE) would cause the air bubbles to entrain into the sludge as opposed to just being attached to it. This results in rapid flotation and separation of the sludge from the water resulting in cleaner water and smaller footprint for the equipment. Additionally the enclosed unit is Odor-Free and has NO moving parts, such as a Scrapper and Auger. That in-turn saves on maintenance cost and operating cost. Flocculation Tubes, Influent and Effluent Pumps are included. Flowrate: 20-100gpm per unit. For higher flow rate, multiple units can be strung together for a nominal cost. Shipping Weight: 3,300lbs. Dimensions: 112" L x 60" W x 120" H. This system is well suited to theĀ Oil & Gas Industry and all other industries served by a traditional DAF system.

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Integrated treatment system - ITS 1500

ITS (Integrated Treatment System)

Developed especially for Oil & Gas fracking operations, prior to any regulatory legislations to treat Flow Back and Produced Water. Even with the recent oil price slump, the need to treat Produced Water from oil wells remains a constant need. Recent regulations in states like Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Texas are making the need for recycled water a reality for this industry.

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Incline Plate and Tube Clarifier

Incline Plate and Tube Settling Clarifiers

This inclined plate clarifier is most suitable for applications requiring settling of solids and is commonly used in industries such as Automotive, Die Cast and Mining. It comes equipped with a flash and floc mix tank prior to the clarifier zone. Its high internal surface area results in a small footprint.

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