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OilFree Filter Bags

The OilFree HRM Filter Bag incorporates OilFree Pillow Media as a packed column and exhibits hydrocarbon pollutant removal efficiency in the order of 90 - 99.9% in aqueous streams.

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OilFree (HRM) Filter Bags

It has high hydrocarbon adsorption capacity per unit weight which makes it ideal for use as a coalescer, and as a preconditioning stage to the OilFree HRM technology resulting in attractive cost to treat values. The unit is often installed as the primary stage filtration device in applications where an Oily Water Separator or API separator is too large or too expensive. OilFree HRM Filter Bags are used in filtration systems for water contaminated with light oils, heavy oils, mixed waste streams composed of solvents, emulsions and soluble hydrocarbons.

Technical Data

  • Pressure drop across the media: 2 - 5 psi
  • Operational flow rate: 0.25 - 20 GPM
  • Required pump head: 20 ft.
  • Availability: #2 Trade size bag
  • Gravity flow capable: Yes (up to 5 gpm)
  • Capacity: 15 - 45 lbs. of oil
  • Fittings: 2" NPT Female


  • Coalescing filters for bulk removal of diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, heavy oil contamination in wastewater
  • Bulk oily water filtration system in marine bilge water filtration
  • Filtration of hydrocarbons from rain water and wash water run-off
  • Cleaning machining coolant
  • Filtration of hydrocarbons from mop water and other heavily contaminated mixed waste water