OilFree Chemical Friction Coalescer

This new coalescing technology has proven extremely efficient in removing free and emulsified oils from water. This technology was originally developed to deal with the difficult fuel/oil/dispersant emulsions that must be removed from bilge water in order to certify with the International Marine Organization. Request a Quote

OilFree Bilge Water Cleaning Filters

The OilFree bilge cleaning unit utilizes OilFree HRM technology for filtering oils, sheen, gas, diesel and other hydrocarbon fuels from bilge water. OilFree bilge cleaning units enable the boats and vessels to maintain less than 15 ppm of hydrocarbons in their overboard bilge water discharge. The bilge units are either deployed as stand alone bilge water filtration units or post Oily Water Separator or as part of a turn key oily bilge water filtration and treatment systems. OilFree BK-1, BK-2 and BK-3 units are available in three sizes based on flow capacity and hydrocarbon removal capacity.

OilFree Chemical Friction Coalescer (CFC)

After successfully achieving certification, this new technology has subsequently proven to be very effective in removing tramp oils from cutting/cooling fluids and wash baths in industrial applications. Utilizing the OilFree HRM chemistry, a coalescing unit CFC has been developed that achieves extremely efficient separation of tramp oils from natural oil based coolants. The CFC unit is completely automated. Tramp oils are coalesced and automatically separated from the coolant without affecting the coolant properties in any way. The separated waste oil has been analyzed at 1% water content. The same technology is being used on industrial wash/rinse baths both on individual sumps and on recirculating central systems. The ability of this coalescing unit to separate both free and emulsified oils without the use of consumables opens up a new field of opportunity for Ecologix . Applications which previously required other technologies due to high oil concentrations now can be completely treated by an Ecologix OilFree CFC system at previously unachievable efficiencies. The coalescing unit is capable of maintaining tramp oil concentrations of 0.5% in recirculating sumps or baths. When required, polishing filters can be added to achieve discharge limits.


  • Eliminates drag-out and residues
  • Extends bath life by 4 - 10 times
  • Improves product quality and machining tolerances
  • Reduces waste generation by 4-10 times
  • Reduce the replenishment costs by 4 - 10 times
  • Recovered oil contains less than 1% water content

Cost Benefits

  • Simple design
  • No chemicals required
  • No added costs, < 1% water in recoved oil
  • No waste created
  • No disposal fees
  • Recovered oil is reused or recycled
  • Added revenue / savings
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low pressure drop and no heat required


  • Cutting fluids
  • Aqueous cleaner recycling
  • Mop water recycling
  • Dip bath, spray water
  • Ground water