OilFree Stormwater Filtration System

The OilFree HRM Filter Bag incorporates OilFree Pillow Media as a packed column and exhibits hydrocarbon pollutant removal efficiency in the order of 90 - 99.9% in aqueous streams. Request a Quote

OilFree Stormwater Filtration System

The OilFree Stormwater Filtration System is designed to fit in parking lot drain units and works to remove harmful pollutants found in stormwater runoff.

The system uses an easy-to-assemble gutter system in conjunction with the Stormwater Filtration System filled with OilFree Stormwater media, an OilFree infused expanded silicate, to catch the "first flush" of rainwater from parking lots. This "first flush" contains the highest concentration of oil and gas contamination. The result is an effluent clear of sheen, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, transmission fluids and chlorinated solvents. The system uses OilFree technology to instantly remove pollutants, including an entire range of organic chemicals, from water. The OilFree Stormwater Filtration System can also be installed below grade for use in plant floors and parking lots and carries a Class B load rating.

Industry proven OilFree products are able to remove 99-plus-percent of pollutants from water in a single pass with less than 1 psi of backpressure. Once pollutants come in contact with OilFree, they are instantly bonded to the material and become extremely hydrophobic and viscoelastic (thickened), which permanently removes them from the water stream.


  • Prevents harmful hydrocarbon runoff
  • Use in parking lots and heavy use areas to catch pollutants
  • Prevents oil and gasoline sheen
  • Unit can be mounted below grade for use in plant floors
  • Wil not waterlog or support microbial growth
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 15 lbs. of Oil Pollutant
  • Filter Media: OilFree High Flow Pillows
  • Standard pH Operating Range: 2 - 12
  • Max Flow Rate: 50 GPM
  • Outlet adapts to 3" and 4" drain pipe