OilFree - Polymeric Surfactant Technology for Removing Hydrocarbons

Ecologix OilFree Products remove hydrocarbons in virtually any application. The Polymeric Technology is applied to the OilFree Cartridges, Pads, Foam Media and Air Filtration Media for removing oils and hydrocarbons from wastewater and/or air. The OilFree solution removes oils and hydrocarbons from water, PCBs, BTEX, oily sheen, synthetic and natural oils, solvents and organically bound metals from water. Request a Quote

bilge canisters

OilFree Bilge Oil/Water Separators

The OilFree bilge cleaning unit utilizes OilFree HRM technology for filtering oils, sheen, gas, diesel and other hydrocarbon fuels from bilge water. OilFree bilge cleaning units enable the boats and vessels to maintain less than 15 ppm of hydrocarbons in their overboard bilge water discharge.

cfc image

OilFree Chemical Friction Coalescer (CFC)

This new coalescing technology has proven extremely efficient in removing free and emulsified oils from water. This technology was originally developed to deal with the difficult fuel/oil/dispersant emulsions that must be removed from bilge water in order to certify with the International Marine Organization.

canisters and cartridges

OilFree Filter Cartridges & Canisters

OilFree is a patented polymeric technology that is applied to all Oilfree filter cartridges and related technologies. The Oilfree solution removes hydrocarbons from water, emulsified polluants from water, PCB's, BTEX, oily sheen, synthetic and natural oils, solvents and organically bound metals from water.

OilFree Stormwater Applications

The OilFree HRM Filter Bag incorporates OilFree Pillow Media as a packed column and exhibits hydrocarbon pollutant removal efficiency in the order of 90 - 99.9% in aqueous streams.

smart pad

OilFree Pads & OilFree Fabrics

OilFree has the most technically advanced and efficient products for immobilizing oil available anywhere. All products are infused with patented OilFree technology and are designed for specific oil remediation tasks.

air filter

OilFree Air Filters

The OilFree air filtration membrane captures oily mists from air and permanently immobilizes the oily mists on the membrane surface at a low pressure drop.