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Septage Acceptance Unit

Septage Acceptance Units are designed for screening solids directly from septic tank pump trucks. These systems can reduce up to 50% of solids in the wastewater before flowing into a downstream treatment facility.


Septage Acceptance Unit Operation

The SAU is used for pre-treating wastewater from septic tanks, recieved directly from tanker trucks. Trucks connect to the unit with a quick connect fitting.

Large particles are screened out of the fluid, washed to remove organic matter, and compacted before being disharged. This helps reduce odor problems in the solid waste.

The unit consists of a receiving tank with a quick connect fitting, an electric ball valve, and a screw screen with washing and compacting systems.


Unit Specifications
Model Flow Rate Inlet Size Outlet Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight
SAU-235 235 GPM 4" 8" 150" x 28" x 65" 1350 lbs.
SAU-475 475 GPM 6" 12" 180" x 38" x 89" 3000 lbs.
SAU DiagramSAU Unloading Diagram