Grit Removal System

Ecologix Grit Removal Systems are designed to screen particulate material from a waste stream, to prevent unwanted sediment flowing through chemical and biological treatment equipment. Systems are a durable stainless steel construction for longevity and reliability.

Grit Removal System Operation

Influent flow enters the all stainless steel unit tangentially, creating centrifugal forces that allow water and light weight organics to discharge over an upper weir plate. Grit and heavier materials settle to the lower conical shaped grit zone where they are gently agitated by mixer arms and washed.

The unique two-stage organic separation system includes an organic capture cone and organic blowdown valve. Organics released during agitation and washing are captured in the cone and removed periodically via a blowdown valve.The inclined grit screw provides optimal dewatering. Typical grit discharge from the Grit Washer is 90% dry weight or greater, with less than 5% organic material.


  • 304/316 SS structure
  • High strength carbon steel or 304/316 SS screw
  • HDPE or bolted SS wear protection
  • > 90% grit separation for size 200 µm

Grit Removal System Specifications

Model Flow Rate (m3/h Hopper Capacity Sand Removing Capacity (m3.h)
CDS 20 20 0.4 0.25
CDS 30 30 0.9 0.4
CDS 60 60 1.5 0.4
CDS 80 80 2 0.4
CDS 100 100 3 0.4