BIO-CLEAR Packaged Treatment Plant

The Bio-Clear packaged sewage treatment system is designed for developments like hospitals, hotels, and rural communities that are required to treat wastewater to levels suitable for discharge.

The multi-stage treatment process includes screening, diffused aeration, clarification, sludge recirculation, sludge digestion, filtration, and disinfection. Pre-engineered modular components such as diffused air blowers, aeration tanks, sludge holding tanks, clarifiers, and disinfection units allow for the package plants to be sized specifically for the customer's application. Systems are designed to handle a range of influent flows and consistently reduce TSS and BOD to <20mg/L.

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How it Works

Wastewater enters the package plant first passing through a bar screen for large solids removal. In the equalization tank water is retained to create a homogenous mixture prior to treatment. Upon entry into the aeration basin, water is mixed with an active biomass in a rolling action which takes place over the length and width of the chamber. The chambers are filleted on each side and the bottom to enhance the rolling motion and eliminate any "dead zones" in the tank. This design feature also minimizes the accumulation of scum and froth in the aeration tank.

After sufficient contact time in the aeration chamber, water flows into the clarifier and solids settle in the hopper-bottom tank. Solids are recirculated through the system or withdrawn as needed. Clean water flows through the clarifier into the clearwell where it is re-pressurized and passed through the tertiary filters and disinfection systems. Learn more about a bioclear installation at a power plant in Wyoming where extreme temperatures were a concern.

Bio-Clear CAD Drawing

Bio-Clear System Specifications

Model Operating
Capacity (GPD)
Dimensions Flow EQ Sludge Holding Aeration Tank Clarifier Shipping Weight
BC-3-ES 3000 9'6"H x 8'W x 16'L 2'6" 2' 7' 4'6" 5900
BC-5-ES 5000 9'6"H x 8'W x 21'6"L 3'6" 2'6" 11' 4'6" 7900
BC-7-ES 7000 10'H x 10'W x 23'3"L 3'9" 2'6" 11'6" 5'6" 9800
BC-10-ES 10000 11'H x 10'W x 28'3"L 5' 2'6" 14'9" 6' 12400
BC-12-ES 12000 11'H x 10'W x 33'6"L 6' 2'6" 17'9" 7'3" 14100
BC-15-ES 15000 11'H x 10'W x 41'3"L 7'3" 3'6" 22' 8'6" 16000
BC-18-ES 18000 11'H x 11'W x 40'L 7'9" 3'9" 23'6" 5'6" 17900
BC-20-ES 20000 11'H x 12'W x 42'6"L 8'3" 3'9" 24'6" 6' 18900
BC-25-ES 25000 11'H x 12'W x 51'6"L 10' 4'6" 30' 7' 23500
BC-30-ES 30000 11'H x 12'W x 61'6"L 12' 5'6" 36' 8' 27500
BC-35-ES 35000 11'H x 12'W x 71'6"L 13'9" 6'6" 41'9" 10' 34400
BC-50-ES 50000 11'H x 12'W x 99'L 20' 9' 60' 10' 43600
BC-60-ES 60000 11'H x 24'W x 65'6"L 12' 5'6" 36' 12' 56000
BC-75-ES 75000 11'H x 24'W x 78'6"L 15' 6'6" 45' 12' 71800
BC-90-ES 90000 11'H x 24'W x 92'L 18' 8' 54' 12' 80800
BC-100-ES 100000 11'H x 24'W x 101'L 20' 9' 60' 12' 87000

*Other models available for varying flow ranges. Please use our contact form to inquire for futher information.

Bio Clear Diagram