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Wastewater Evaporator

Wastewater Evaporators

Evaporators transfer wastewater from a collection tank and automatically evaporate it in an evaporation chamber. All that remains is a condensed residual slurry that can easily be disposed of since most waste streams are 95% - 99% water, not waste.

EvapoDry Evaporator

Sludge Dry Evaporator

EvapoDry Evaporator

SludgeDry Evaporator

The EvapoDry submergible combustion evaporator is designed to evaporate wastewaters at just 180°F and with just 1200BTU per one pound of evaporated water and remove the settled solids buildup from the evaporator tank bottom. A submerged burner tube fires below the solution level, which achieves 95%+ energy efficiency.

The SludgeDry system automatically controls the amount of wet biosolids fed from the propietary custom sludge hopper into the dehydration chamber. The wet sludge is then dehydrated in a controlled time/temperature regime to obtain the desired dryness. Initially, maximum heat is applied to raise the mass to the vaporization point of water. The temperature is then monitored and automatically adjusted to acheive the optimum final product.