LC-Series Incline Plate / TC-Series Tube ClarifiersLamella Type Clarifier Plates

Ecologix clarifiers are designed for minimal footprint and rapid particle settling. Our clarifiers are simple to operate and maintain, flexible in treatment capacity, and highly effective at removing solids in waste streams with pollutants that tend to sink. Systems can be skid-mounted as a stand-alone product, or integrated into a full-scale treatment program.

Clarifier Overview

Settlement clarification is the best process for removing coarse, heavy contaminants from water. Ecologix clarifiers include an integrated rapid mix tank and floc tank. As water enters the tank, mixers agitate chemicals into the solution and create large agglomerations of solids. Water then flows up through inclined parallel plates. As the solids make contact with the plates, they settle downward into the sludge hopper for removal. The treated water is drawn off the top of the vessel for discharge or transfer to the next process.

Clarifier Features

  • Epoxy Coated, Carbon Steel Tank
  • Flash/Floc Mixing Tanks with Mixers
  • Plate Packs

Tube Clarifier (TC-Series) Features

Tube Settler ClarifierTC-Series clarifiers utilize multiple tubular channels sloped at an angle of 60° to form a very large settling area. The shallow settling depth of the design increases settling efficiency and allows for higher flow rates. When the tube channels accumulate compacted sludge, the solids slide downward into the hopper bottom for removal. Ecologix's unique clarifier design utilizes tubes in place of plates to achiever greater surface area in a dramatically reduced footprint.

Incline Clarifier Plant
This 200gpm incline plate clarifier system (LC-200) installed at Dow Chemicals in Mississippi includes a flow equalization tank, integrated chemical reaction tanks, effluent holding tank, pumps, controls, and mezzanine for maintenance access.

Incline Plate (LC Series) Clarifier System Specifications

Model Flow Rate Dry Weight Operating Weight Dimensions
LC-015 15 GPM 1910 lb 5470 lb 7'H x 4'6"W x 8'L
LC-055 50 GPM 4200 lb 14880 lb 11'H x 5'6"W x 11'L
LC-100 100 GPM 6500 lb 27600 lb 11'H x 8'6"W x 12'L
LC-200 200 GPM 11000 lb 44100 lb 14'6"H x 8'6"W x 17'L

Tube (TC Series) Clarifier System Specifications

Model Flow Rate Surface Area Flash Mix Tank Floc Mix Tank Dry Weight Operating Weight Hydraulic Loading Dimensions
TC-200 200 GPM 624 sq. ft. 203 Gal. 850 Gal. 9860 lb 56719 lb 0.32 GPM/sq.ft. 10.6'H x 8.3'W x 19.7'L
TC-300 300 GPM 789 sq. ft. 266 Gal. 1100 Gal. 11000 lb 73700 lb 0.38 GPM/sq.ft. 11.8'H x 8.3W' x 20.9L'
TC-500 500 GPM 1387 sq. ft. 400 Gal. 1500 Gal. 12700 lb 92600 lb 0.36 GPM/sq.ft. 12.3'H x 11.9'W x 19.2'L