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Tube Settler Clarifier

TC-Series Tube Clarifiers

Ecologix clarifiers dramatically reduce the footprint of traditional clarifiers and maximize particle settling by using tube settlers to increase the settling surface area. Ecologix's unique clarifier design utilizes tubes in place of plates to achiever greater surface area in a dramatically reduced footprint.

LC-Series Lamella Clarifiers

Tube Settler Clarifier

Tube Clarifier System Specifications
Model Flow Rate Surface Area Flash Mix Tank Volume Floc Mix Tank Volume Dry Weight Operating Weight Hydraulic Loading Rate Dimensions
TC-200 200 GPM 624 sq. ft. 203 Gal. 850 Gal. 9860 lb 56719 lb 0.32 GPM/sq.ft. 10.6'H x 8.3'W x 19.7'L
TC-300 300 GPM 789 sq. ft. 266 Gal. 1100 Gal. 11000 lb 73700 lb 0.38 GPM/sq.ft. 11.8'H x 8.3W' x 20.9L'
TC-500 500 GPM 1387 sq. ft. 400 Gal. 1500 Gal. 12700 lb 92600 lb 0.36 GPM/sq.ft.

12.3'H x 11.9'W x 19.2'L