Zeo-Clear Plant
Zeo-Clear Sewage Treatment System

Zeo-Clear Package Treatment Plant

Perfect for the needs of smaller populations, communities, camps, resorts & similar sized applications, the Zeo-Clear is a one-of-a-kind biological treatment system built inside a standard ISO shipping container.

Based on the activated sludge process, the Zeo-Clear produces excellent effluent quality. Zeo-Clear systems integrate secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment together in one stage with natural zeolite rock. The microporous structure of zeolite fosters the growth of a microbial population while creating microscopic anoxic zones which helps with nutrient removal. Treated effluents are typically of high enough quality to discharge to percolation fields. An extra level of filtration can be added to treat the water to levels suitable for in-home reuse or discharge to surface waterways.

The Zeo-Clear is completely pre-fabricated, pre-wired, and pre-plumbed. This makes installation as easy as supplying power and water.

The Zeo-Clear advantage

The plug-and-play Zeo-Clear system removes the need for costly infrastructure and saves time in making remote worksites, communities, camps and resorts operational. Zeo-Clear Systems can be installed and brought on-line in a fraction of the time it would take to build a dedicated wastewater treatment facility at a remote worksite. The self-contained unit also provides a significant savings in capital and operation expenses. The Zeo-Clear delivers an average reduction in energy costs of 20 percent.

With the Zeo-Clear solution, we empower companies to move quickly into new regions and maintain a competitive advantage. The Zeo-Clear system is completely off-the-grid, self-sustainable and portable, making the most remote locations in the world feasible places to do business.

Zeo-Clear System Specifications

Model Operating Capacity Population Served TSS BOD COD N(total) Dimensions Shipping Weight
Zeo-Clear 20
15,000 GPD

8'6"H x 8'0"W x 19'10"L

9 tons
Zeo-Clear 40
30,000 GPD

8'6"H x 8'W x 40'L

18 tons