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Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry

Ecologix provides comprehensive wastewater treatment technologies and services for every process in the dairy industry. Whether you are producing milk, butter, cheese, or yoghurt, using pasteurization or homogenization, Ecologix can assure you’re provided the right equipment for the job, designed to meet the specific challenge at hand.

Dairy Industry Treatment Process

The dairy industry involves processing raw milk into products including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, using processes such as chilling, pasteurization, and homogenization. Typical by-products include buttermilk, whey, and their derivatives. Large amounts of water are used during the process producing effluents containing dissolved sugars and proteins, fats, and possibly residues of additives. Dairy Industry Treatment Process

These effluents have the following characteristics

Cream, butter, cheese, and whey production are major sources of BOD in wastewater. The waste load equivalents of specific milk constituents are: 1 kg of milk fat = 3 kg COD; 1 kg of lactose = 1.13 kg COD; and 1 kg protein = 1.36 kg COD. The wastewater may contain pathogens from contaminated materials or production processes. A dairy often generates odors and, in some cases, dust, which also need to be controlled.
Ecologix Environmental Systems engineers and builds complete solutions to efficiently manage the wastewater treatment and odor control requirements of the dairy industry. Our solution includes the following benefits:

The reuse of wastewater from the dairy industry can also be provided for by usage of adsorption and membrane separation among other processes. The color and the odor may be removed completely after activated carbon treatment. The pretreated water can be passed through a cross flow reverse osmosis membrane system and the permeate water can then be reused.