Ballast Water Filtration

USCG & IMO compliant ballast water filtration. Reliable filtration with continuous automatic operation. Advanced No back washing sequence with minimal water required for flushing.

Unique Features

  • 96% removal of zooplankton (> 50 microns)
  • 50% of phytoplankton (10 < 50 micron)
  • 98% removal of total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Zero screen wear

Zero Screen Wear

Our trademarked nozzlex technology equalizes system pressure and ensures optimal amount of force is activated on the screen. This is in stark contrast to most other cleaning technologies that utilize mechanical force to push TSS against the screen causing punctures and damage.

Performance Comparison

When compared to other filter technologies a substantial loss in performance is noticed after only a short operating period. The following graph shows the loss in performance with virtually no ability to reclaim original flow rates after only 6 hours of operation.

Nozzlex Technology Comparison Graph

Automatic Screen Filter Technology Explained

Smartweave Technology
  • Enhanced strength & durability
  • Multi-layered sintered structure
  • Available screens: 10-100 or 500 μ
  • Available material: 316L, 904L
Nozzlex Technology
  • 100% screen cleaning
  • Zero wear on the filter screen
  • Improved flow rate and shorter ballasting process
Equals Sign
Everclear Technology
  • Autonomous self-cleaning filtration cycle
  • No back washing sequence
  • Minimal water required for flushing
  • Low operating pressure
  • Continuous robust automatic operation

Single and Multi Screen Filters Available

Single and High Capacity Single Screen Filters with 50 – 1,200 m3/hr capacity.

  • Largest single screen filter available
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available

Multi Single Screen Filters with 1,500 – 3,300 m3/hr capacity.

  • Multiple screens in a single pressure vessel
  • Unique twin screen assembly providing a more compact design
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations available