Reverse Osmosis Design Request

If you'd like a quote for a Reverse Osmosis application, please fill out as much information as possible in the form below and we'll gladly quote the right system for your project.

  • city, state of your expected project site.
  • Treated Water Requirements (permeate)

  • Volume per Day
  • Volume Per Minute
  • Hours of Operation of the Unit
  • Maximum Demand in Peak Hours
  • Usage of the Product Water
  • Feed Water Source

  • Source
  • Average Annual Temperature
  • Minimum Flow in GPM
  • Maximum Flow in GPM
  • Feed Water Pressure
  • Presence of Free Chlorine / PPM
  • Maximum Space Available for the System

  • Energy Source

  • Chemical Analysis of the Feed Water

  • Determining the Measuring Unit (mg/l, ppm. CO3Ca, etc.)