About Ecologix

Ecologix was founded over a decade ago with a simple vision: recruit the best people, acquire the best tools, provide an “A-Class” working environment, and continually deliver value-added services to our clients, within budget and on time. From engineering to manufacturing, that vision is at the core of what drives each department, every day at Ecologix.

Ecologix’s professional services begin with testing the client’s wastewater in a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. Results are delivered to a multi-disciplinary engineering department where the best solution is determined. From there we work with the client to find the best equipment to do the job.

The ultimate goal of the Ecologix team is to ensure that a project’s final installation, start-up, commissioning and training are delivered according to customer satisfaction.
We always strive to innovate solutions that make things easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.
At Ecologix, water is not just our business, it’s our passion.

Our Vision

Provide a cleaner environment through the innovative use of technology

Our Mission

Offer the most appropriate wastewater treatment solutions for a given application, with uncompromising quality and value to our clients.
Guide our clients with expert advice through the selection and implementation process.
Deliver synergistic building blocks integrated into complete solutions with a reliable and repeatable outcome.


  • Frac Water Treatment
  • Automotive Industry Applications
  • Food Industry Applications
  • Municipal Sewage Treatment

The Automatic Timer Flush Package (ATF-EA-1.5) ensures that particulates that fall down into the debris reservoir are automatically flushed. The power supply and timer controls for the valve package are housed inside the watertight control box, attached to the valve. Depending on the application, the end-user simply dials in the flush frequency and flush duration of the valve. Based on the programmed parameters, the ball valve quickly opens and closes, minimizing the volume of water that is flushed from the strainer. The valve also comes with a manual flush control switch that can be used to conveniently manually flush the strainer or drain the strainer before removing the screen.