Pre-Treatment systems for wastewater from municipal, industrial and commercial sources

Pre-treatment removes materials that can be easily collected from raw wastewater before it damages or clogs pumps and skimmers of primary treatment clarifiers. Ecologix offers an extensive line of pre-treatment solutions made to extend the life of your wastewater treatment solution. See our products below, or call us for assistance in selecting the pre-treatment solution fit for your project needs.

Headworks for Grit

Grit Removal Unit

Grit screening prior to municipal wastewater treatment.

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Pre-Treatment Unit

Pre-treating sewage before it enters a WWTP.

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Oil Water Separators

Above Ground Oil Water Separators (ECOS)

ECOS above ground oil water separators remove free and mechanically emulsified oils at rates between 2 and 70 gallons per minute.

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Below Ground Oil Water Separator (HQB)

Removes free oil droplets as small as 40 microns. Reduces effluent free oil concentration to <10 PPM. Great for auto shops, vehicle wash buildings.

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SkimLoop Oil Water Separator

The SkimLoop Oil Water Separator (OWS) sets the industry standard for skimming and separating floating oils and solids from industrial fluids.

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Bilge Oil Removal System (BORS)

Marine grade, US Coast Guard certified bilge oil separator. Can be deck mounted on a ship or used in a land installation.

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MCM OrganoClay Cartridge Filters

MCM OrganoClay Cartridge Filters are engineered for the removal of dispersed, emulsified and dissolved hydro-carbons from aqueous solutions.

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Cone Filters

Cone Filters for Wastewater Treatment

Cone Filters are used to catch and filter any type of debris from a waste stream.

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