Activated Glass Filtration Media (AGFM)

Activated Glass Filtration Media replaces traditional sand media in all filtration applications. It is manufactured from a specific glass type and processed to obtain the optimum particle size and shape, and then activated to increase the surface area by 300 times over crushed glass or sand. The high surface area is negatively charged (zeta potential) to electro-statically attract organics and small particles. It also has permanent metal oxide catalysts, creating a high redox potential, to make AGFM self-sterilizing.

Main Benefits

  • Over 30% lower running costs vs sand
  • Over 50% lower chlorine consumption and lower disinfection by-products vs sand
  • Filtration down to several microns at 100% efficiency without filtration aids
  • More than 4 times longer lifecycle than sand Specifically engineered product, targeted for an efficient removal of priority metal oxides and other target constitutes
  • Guaranteed prevention of channeling & biological fouling on the AGFM surface

Recommended AGFM Grades and Arrangement from top to bottom (on a bottom plate), in Pressure Filters

Grade Size (mm) Commercial Purification High Purification Ultra Purification
Grade 0 0.25 - 0.50 N/A 20% 60%
Grade 1 0.4 – 1.0 70% 50% 20%
Grade 2 1 - 2 15% 15% 10%
Grade 3 2 - 6 15% 15% 10%

Recommended applications for AGFM

Application Type Removed by use of AGFM
Drinking water Iron, Manganese, Arsenate and some priority chemicals
Municipal Wastewater Phosphorous & Bacteria, BOD, COD & TOC
Industrial Process Water Organic pollutants & oils, TSS, VSS & Particles < 1 micron
Industrial Wastewater Colors and fine fibers, Residual mineral oils

Product Details

Name Activated Glass Filtration Media (AGFM)
Usage Replacement for sand in all media filtration applications
Material Green recycled glass, uniquely shaped particles with activated surface
Unique Features Bio-resistant, self-sterilizing, sustainable, activated filtration media

How to use AGFM

AGFM is a direct replacement for sand in your media filters. Our media has a 15% lower density than sand by weight. This means you will require less of our media by weight than the equivalent sand.

Recommended operational parameters

Parameter Value
Filtration velocity 1-15 m3/hr/m2
Back Wash velocity 35-55 m3/hr/m2
Max. operating differential pressure > 0.4 bar
Back Wash Duration 5 - 10 mins
Water pH limits 3 - 9
Water temperature limits 1-100 ° C

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before first use of AGFM backwash the media for 10 – 15 minutes 3 consecutive times with potable water and then rinse it for a further 1 hour.