Chemical Feed and Mixing Systems

Ecologix chemical feed and chemical mixing systems are engineered to meet the requirements specific to your application. Our design is highly efficient, easy to maintain, cost-effective and well suited for any chemical process, regardless of tank size, quantity, or chemical viscosity. Our skid mounted systems are fully automated and packaged so that they can be dropped into place and work with minimal installtion.

System Overview


  • Skid mounted systems for ease of installation
  • Powerful software design
  • Fully automated process control
  • Top notch materials and workmanship for extreme durability
  • Precise dosing for optimum performance

Chemical Feed System

Reaction Tanks with Mixers

Flocculation Tubes

Chemical Feed Pump Skids

Polymer Makedown System

Polymer Day Tank

About Ecologix

For over 10 years Ecologix has been designing, developing, fabricating, installing and optimizing a range of Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) systems to fit our clients’ needs. In spite of our success, we have been relentless in the pursuit of improving our own systems and reducing our clients’ operation costs, maintenance, downtime and the elimination of odors and hazardous fumes. The culmination of these efforts is the ACE system.