Marine Grade Oil Water Separators (BORS)

Bilge Oil Removal Systems are an industrial marine grade oil water separator that has a variety of applications. These units are US Coast Guard certified with vessels and piping constructed from carbon steel to ASME specifications, and coated with an industrial strength epoxy.

BORS Series "T"

Industrial Oil Water Separator with Oil Content Monitor (TPH)
These series “T” model separator systems include oil in water (TPH) monitoring and Recycle Systems that test the discharge water and assure compliance with the discharge limit. Any water not meeting the limit is recycled.

BORS-2.2T107 (49)

BORS-5T107 (49)

BORS-11T107 (49)

BORS-25T107 (49)

BORS-45T 107 (49)


  • Sizes from 5 to 45 GPM
  • Epoxy Coated Steel Vessel
  • Coalescing Filter Media
  • Centrifugal Pump with SS Housing
  • Automatic and Manual Controls
  • Heavy Duty NEMA4X Control Panel
  • Quality Multipoint Capacitance Level Sensor
  • Reliable RF Point Level Switch
  • Factory Installed Bronze Piping & Valves


  • Customizable Options
  • Complete – Ready to Operate
  • US Coast Guard Certified
  • Simple Reliable Design & Operation
  • Small Footprint
  • No Consumables / No Filters
  • Continuous Performance Reporting
  • Self Monitoring / Self Priming
  • Withstands Heavy Vibration/Motion

MEPC 107 (49) Series Available Models

MODEL FLOW RATE GPM (M3/HR) Width(CM) Depth  (CM) Height  (CM) Shipping Lbs -  (KG)
BORS-2.2TY Yacht configuration 2.0 (0.45) 33" (84) 28" (71) 43" (109) 550 - (249)
BORS-2.2T 2.2 (0.50) 28" (71) 41" (104) 57" (145) 670 - (304)
BORS- 5T 5" (1.14) 31" (79) 48" (122) 59" (150) 1150 (522)
BORS-11T 11 (2.5) 39" (99) 58" (147) 77" (196) 1535 - (696)
BORS-25T 25 (5.68) 48" (122) 76" (193) 78" (198) 3025 - (1372)
BORS-45T 45 (10.22) 54" (137) 99" (251) 85" (216) 4400 - (1996)


On models with monitors, the TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) monitor is used to check the oil content of the discharge water. These monitors are sometimes referred to as oil content monitors or oil in water monitors. If the oil content is not within the established parameters then the system will recycle the water back to the source for reprocessing. This assures that no water is discharged that does not meet the requirement. This monitor is required to obtain USCG and ABS certification.
Three different TPH Monitor options are available providing USCG/ABS certification and/or hazardous area classification. Two different certifications are available. The first was required on ships prior to 2005 and monitors the free oil in the water only. This certification falls under a regulation known as MEPC 60(33). New installations on ships in 2005 and beyond are required to have MEPC 107(49) certification. To obt in this certification the TPH (Oil in Water) monitor is a completely different unit that now checks not only free oil in the water, but also a special emulsion known as fluid “C”. Systems that comply with this regulation remove the emulsified oil as well as the free oil. In order to remove Fluid C to 15 ppm a separate oleophilic filter is required.
BORS systems are available that meet all of these certifications. The third monitor option comes into play when the separator is installed in a Class I Division II or Class I Division I hazardous area. In these cases the entire electrical system must be encased to prevent potential explosions. In this case a different, TPH monitor option is used. The BORS unit can be configured to meet these requirements as well.
Feature Standard BORS (S) Models Economy BORS (E) Models
Power Single or 3 Phase Single Phase Only
Power Disconnect Safety Lockout Disconnect Not Provided
Motor Overloads & Contactor External Overloads & Contactor Provided External Overloads & Contactor Not Provided
Wiring Armored Flex Cable Wiring SJ Rubber Cabling
Hardware & Fasteners All Stainless Unistrut & Bolts Zinc Hardware & Fasteners
Vessel Same Steel Vessel
Coating Same Epoxy / Urethane Coating
Valves Same Valves
Piping/Fittings Same Marine Bronze / Red Brass Piping / Fittings
Pump Same Stainless Steel Pump
Really Control Same Relay Control

BORS Marine Oil Removal System Certifications

U.S. Coast Guard Certified

Our line of BORS marine Oily Water Separator is certified by the US Coast Guard. These certifications include both the older IMO MEPC 60(33) certification and the new IMO MEPC 107(49) certification. Units were tested by certification labs to operate within the limits and regulations of the IMO standards. Coast Guard certification is therefore available for your unit as an option if you need it.

IMO - International Maritime Organization

The IMO has established the standards that have to be met for certification. Our BORS units have been tested to these standards and the testing verified by the USCG for both regulation 60(33) and regulation 107(49).

ABS - American Bureau of Shipping Certification

ABS has given it’s type approval to all models of the BORS Oil Water Separators.

Canadian Coast Guard Type Approval

A certificate of Type Approval has also been obtained from the Canadian Coast Guard.
Piping to ASME B31.3 Specifications.

BORS Marine Oil Removal System Product Details

Solid Steel Vessel

All vessels in the standard Oil Water Separator unit are constructed from extra heavy carbon steel to ASME specifications to last many years in harsh environments. Stainless steel models are also available.

Simple Reliable Design & Operation

These oil water separator systems are designed to be simple. No complicated piping or schemes. Reliability comes as a result of the solid construction and the lack of moving parts.

Small Footprint

The Bilge Oil Removal System is designed to fit on ships, platforms and other tight spaces. This unit has a small footprint making it adaptable to most situations.

No Consumables– No Filters- Maintenance Free

The standard oil water separator uses no consumables of any kind including filters. This means lower operating costs and headaches and no worries about filter inventory or replacement. The rugged construction of the oil water separator and it’s lack of moving parts make maintenance minimal.

Self Monitoring / Self Priming

These marine oil water separator units are designed from the bottom up to operate automatically and monitor and adjust to your conditions. Self priming systems mean hassle free operation.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

The TPH Monitor continuously measures oil water separator system performance and automatically recycles if oil in discharge exceeds preset limits.

Stable Platform Not Required

There is no need for these oil water separator units to be installed on a flat, level, or even immobile surface. This makes them ideal for trucks, ships and other mobile applications.

Withstands Heavy Vibration/Motion

Designed for ships, heavy vibrations, violent motion and up to 30 degree plum tilt cause no problems with performance or reliability on these oil water separators.

Low Operating Cost

Because of the solid construction of these marine oil water separators, low maintenance requirement, and no consumables, the operating costs are incredibly low.

Hard Logic or PLC Controlled

The basic marine oil water separator unit allows for manual and automatic control without a PLC, keeping the cost of the unit down. Full PLC and other control options are also available.

High Quality Industrial Components

Each component used in the marine oil water separators has been individually selected for its industrial strength, strong vendor support, reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Quality Conductance Level Sensor

The standard oil water separator comes with a reliable conductivity level switch. The conductivity level switch operates on a simple conductance principle whereby a small electrical current is passed through the conductive liquid between two electrodes. Because this sensor does not detect non-aqueous liquid such as oils and other hydrocarbons, the oil-water interface is detected. Individual probes sense the high and low water levels. A module provides the control signal to the separator to start and stop the pump and open and close the associated valves.

Sizes from 2 to 45 GPM

Models are available to fit almost any bilge. Standard bilge oil water separator units are sized at 2, 5, 10, 25 and 45 gpm. Multiples and combinations of these sizes can be used together to more closely match the needs of your application. Larger sizes with many options are also available for use on oil platforms on a custom basis.

Carbon Steel Vessel

Vessels and piping in the standard oil water separator unit are constructed from carbon steel to ASME specifications and are coated with an industrial strength epoxy coating. Stainless steel options are available for corrosive environments.

Marine Epoxy / Urethane Coating

The entire vessel assembly is blasted to a near white finish and is coated with a heavy industrial epoxy primer followed by an industrial strength urethane topcoat. Other coating options are also available.

Coalescing Filter Media

The coalescing media in the oil water separator can be steam cleaned or cleaned without removing the head by using bioremediant in the water.

Centrifugal Pump with SS Housing

Close coupled design of the pumps saves space and simplifies maintenance and installation of these bilge oil water separator units. Stainless steel components on the liquid end provide high quality and corrosion resistance. Top centerline discharge and foot support under casing ensures self-venting and reduces misalignment from pipe loads. High operating efficiency lowers operating costs. High quality mechanical shaft seals and o-rings bring additional reliability.

Automatic and Manual Controls

When operating the bilge oil water separator manually, the pump and the valves can be operated independently. The discharge can be selected for OFF, OPEN, or BYPASS. In automatic mode the tank will initially fill to the high water level, and operate independently.

Heavy Duty NEMA4X Control Panel

These standard cabinets are made from high impact resistant polycarbonate material and will withstand harsh marine environments. Protection to IP65 is maintained when fastened. Explosion proof boxes are also available for all marine oil water separator units.

High Quality Oil in Water TPH Monitor

The TPH monitor is calibrated prior to delivery and has a alarm set point adjustment that can be set to a known point within the calibration parameters. The TPH Monitors are designed to account for turbidity in the water thereby limiting false positive alarms. Also the set point may need to be adjusted to a value other than 15 ppm. This monitor comes standard with each marine oil water separator unit and is assembled in an alloy enclosure with protection to IP65. The Optical components are mounted directly on the printed circuit board. The electronics are state-of-the-art and the wetted parts are produced out of stainless steel to assure corrosion protection for a long time.

Quality Multipoint Capacitance Level Sensor

The standard marine oil water separator unit comes with a high quality probe with a sophisticated compression seal yielding bulletproof sealing up to 3000 psig. Spring washers maintain the seal particularly during varying temperature and pressure that can degrade other process seals. The Teflon probe insulation is heat-treated which forms the material tight to the probe rod yielding better linearity and eliminating “stress-relieving” (elongation) of the material at elevated temperatures. This probe is truly designed so it can be installed and forgotten.

Reliable RF Point Level Switch

As the oily water covers the sensing switch, a pulse waveform generated by the electronics is altered, changing the relay contact position. There are no moving parts that come in contact with the medium. The level switch is adjusted with the use of water with no oil. This instrument has little sensitivity to oil. This gives it the ability to detect the oil water interface within the marine oil water separator.

Factory installed Bronze Piping & Valves

All piping and valves are provided in bronze and red brass to be corrosion resistant and withstand the harsh marine environment They are installed at the factory, thus the bilge oil water separators are prepared to be easily installed and operational in a very short time.

Customizable Options

With all the flexibility that the Bilge Oil Removal Systems have built in, we can customize your system to your specific need. If you need 500 GPM we can accomplish this with either multiple units or custom designing a system to your needs. You will find easy access to our engineers, who can help walk you through solving any oil water separator need.