Hino Motors Manufacturing USA - Wastewater treatment plant upgrade

Hino Motors Manufacturing USA, Inc. located in Marion, Arkansas manufactures truck components for Hino’s supply chain of the best-known trucks in the global market.

Their large stamping presses put out large volumes of chemically emulsified oils in water that also contains hydraulic fluids, graphite, and other suspended solids. That presented a challenge for their old wastewater treatment plant.

When the factory was originally built, their wastewater treatment plant was designed to process water from the paint room which it did very effectively. However, as Hino expanded their operations to include large stamping machines, those machines produced excretions that could not be processed in that same wastewater plant. Hino was having to send that wastewater off site to a third-party processor to be treated for proper disposal. That service was very expensive.

Hino’s plant manager contacted Ecologix Environmental Systems looking for a solution. Ecologix suggested that the old plant be upgraded to replace their settling clarifier and filter press to include an Ecologix SkimLoop oil water separator, a VLT-410 Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit, a Rotary Drum Vacuum sludge dewatering system, and finally, a polisher in the form of the Ecologix Activated Glass Filtration Media (AGFM) followed by activated carbon media. Even their old, unreliable chemical feed pumps were replaced with new state-of-the-art chemical feed pumps.

Ecologix proposed to use their existing collection, equalization and mixing tanks, along with their existing PLC as part of an upgraded treatment process. The new equipment would replace the heart of the old system; and, the existing PLC code would be re-written to operate the new process and equipment.

The proposed plan was accepted by Hino in September 2017. The plant was modified with the new equipment and PLC code. The actual installation took place during Hino’s plant shutdown over the 2017 Christmas / New Year’s break.

Hino is now reaping a tremendous cost savings by treating all their plant wastewater on site and no longer need to send truckloads of effluent off site for treatment and disposal. Additionally, their new sludge dewatering system allows them to efficiently dewater the oily sludge removed from their wastewater on site, saving additional hauling fees.

If your facility requires an upgrade or replacement of existing equipment, consider Ecologix www.ecologixsystem.com , as your one-stop provider for wastewater treatment systems, including, engineering design, fabrication, installation and startup. For additional information Call 888-326-2020.