H2Ozone 20

The H2Ozone 20 Ozone Injection System is designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The system produces and introduces 20 g/hr of ozone into a water flow of up to 30 GPM. This water can be used for food processing, surface disinfection or basic water treatment. Request a Quote

Features H2Ozone Generator

  • Introduces 20 grams/hour ozone into up to 30 GPM water flows
  • Produces ozone from integrated oxygen concentrator
  • Provides 30 GPM water flows with 2.0 ppm dissolved oxygen level
  • Dimensions: 18" L x 38"W x 66"H
  • Customizable system can be configured for any application
  • Stainless steel ASME off-gas tank
  • Stainless steel pump with viton seal
  • Tri-clamp connections
  • Included water trap protects against water damage

H2Ozone 20 Specifications

Flow Rate Up to 30 GPM water flow (flow rates from 5-30 GPM are acceptable)
Ozone Production 20 gm/hr
Oxygen Production 7.5 LPM O2 @ 93% purity
Capacity Will dissolve ozone into water at the following rates:
18 GPM with 4.0 PPM Ozone
30 GPM with 2.0 PPM Ozone
Dissolved ozone levels of at least 2.0 PPM at 30 GPM
Wetted Materials Stainless Steel, Viton seals & Kynar injector
Power Required 220V/60Hz (220V/50Hz Available)
Remote Start System can be started remotely using provided contacts in the controller
Ozone Generation Method Via corona discharge using dry air
Maximum Operating Pressure 50 PSI (3.5 Bar)
Maximum Water Pressure 100-PSI (7 bar)
Water Connection 1.5-in FNPT inlet & outlet
Water Pressure Drop at 50 gpm less than 3 PSI
Warranty 1-year
Dimensions 18" L x 38"W x 66"H
Weight 400 lbs
Optional Equipment
Water Flow Switch Will start and stop system automatically based upon water flow
Dissolve Ozone Sensor Monitors, displays, and controls actual ozone levels in the water
ORP Monitor Monitors ORP level in the water, will also control dissolved ozone levels in the water
Ambient Temp Sensor Monitors Ambient temperature to protect ozone generator and oxygen concentrator
Ambient Relative Humidity Sensor Monitor Relative Humidity to protect the oxygen concentrator and shuts down O2 Concentrator
Hour Meter Displays Ozone generator run time, good for determining required maintanance intervals
Ozone Destruct Unit Will revert all excess ozone from the contact tank to oxygen
Plant Compressed Air Use customer supplied compressed air and remove system compressor and replace with pressure regulator, and filter and offers lower power consumption and less system maintenance
Remote Ozone Monitor Will monitor ozone in a remote location, useful when the Waterzone system will placed remotely from the point of use