OdorZorb Odor Neutralizer

OdorZorb is an environmentally friendly odor control chemical that comes in various formulations. The concentrate contains simple sugar molecules that resemble a honeycomb or a zeolite molecule. The unoccupied space in each molecule allows for absorption of many times its own weight in odorous molecules.

Product Description


  • Landfill waste odors
  • Compost site odors
  • Transfer station odors
  • Dumpster & trash bin odors
  • Garbage & waste truck odors
  • Rendering plant odors
  • Totter odors
  • Wastewater odors
  • Lift station odors

OdorZorb Uses

Formulation Name Usage Application
OdorZorb 411 toilets, port-a-johns topical
OdorZorb 412 smoke, tobacco, petroleum, and gasoline mist
OdorZorb 413 limestone, cement, mold, sweat, and aluminum dross mist
OdorZorb 414 ammonia, fish, urine, tobacco mist
OdorZorb 417 petroleum, oil drilling, and sludge topical
OdorZorb 427 hydrogen sulfide, natural gas, carboxylic, voleric, and butyric acids mist
OdorZorb 428 compost, landfills, and municipal waste topical, mist
OdorZorb 429 dairy, meat sludge mist
OdorZorb 436 landfills, dumpsters, and vegetable decay mist
OdorZorb 438 landfills, pump stations, and dumpsters topical
OdorZorb 442 grass, yard, green wastes topical
OdorZorb 443 mercaptan, oil drilling sludge odors topical
OdorZorb 446 car wash reclaim water, hydrogen sulfide, municipal wastewater topical
OdorZorb 471 lift stations, hydrogen sulfide, digesters, wastewater lagoons mist
OdorZorb 474 fats, oils, wet wells, grease traps topical
OdorZorb 475 sepctic leach fields mist
OdorZorb 490 dairy, meat processing, animal renderings mist