Sludge Dewatering Systems

Most wastewater treatment processes produce a watery sludge byproduct. Disposing of this sludge can often prove very expensive and for that reason, a sludge dewatering system is a great option for reducing costs. By dehydrating the solid byproduct, the weight and volume of product is reduced, delivering major cost savings. Request a Quote

Sludge dewatering filter press

Multi Plate Screw Press (MPSP)

The Ecologix screw press allows for automatic continuous sludge flocculation, thickening, dewatering and filtrate discharging.

Sludge dewatering filter press

Filter Press

Filter Presses are a highly automated sludge dewatering technology for almost any kind of sludge, including those with high levels of greasy, oily content

Dewatering hopper

Dewatering Hopper

For applications with budget restraints, a gravity dewatering hopper can prove a great option for dehydrating sludge

screenings compactor

Screenings Compactor

Perfect for pairing with a drum screen, a screenings compactor unit dewaters meaty, greasy solids into a dry and often re-sellable byproduct